Skewwhiff Photo Gallery

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They’ll hate reading this pretentious twaddle, disagreeing with mere verbiage, kicking against the pricks as always. They have no truck with useless, irrelevant, turgid biography so neither shall I.

Their earthly disguise is (un)canny taking on an almost plebeian aspect/countenance; these are ‘people’ who will steal your lunchmoney, cadge fags and ponce beers off you all night long. Yes they doubtlessly indulge in anthropomorphic sex squelchings but don’t let that fool you, this is immaculate music.

Onstage they’ve beamed down as nearest organic counterparts, Debbie Harry surrounded by an interstellar dream team of Topper Headon, Mike Watt and John McGeoch.

I can’t tell you about the nameless noise they create so answers on a interplanetary postcard please

This is unchartered territory, untamed topography; yer sat-nav is no use round here.

I’m envious though because Skewwhiff are yours to discover and yours only

Love On Ya!

Space Ace